About Us

What is The Pin Project?

The Pin Project is a revolutionary website that provides a unique interface, allowing users to connect to other around the world and share their artistic creations in the form of music, pictures, and video games. The website provides an interface similar to that of any other online social network, but it allows users to upload digital content they have created.


The Pin Project first surfaced about 3,000 years ago off the coast of Africa when it emerged from the primevil ooze. It began as a tripedal amphibious lifeform with viscious carnivourus teeth and an appetite for purple jelly beans. After years of searching for its lost soul, it finally evolved into two of the greatest minds the world has ever seen.... David, and Kyle. The two creators of The Pin Project, also known as the Gods of The Pin Project, have toiled endlessly over the revolutionary compendium of aesthetic knowledge. Although still participating in the pointless educational program as mandated by 'The Man', these two fearlessly pulverize traditional web layouts and designs and laugh in the face of <table>s.

F.Y.I. scientists are still searching for the remnants of the ancient Pin Project. It is rumored that its fossils still exists somewhere in the vicinity of David's basment on an old 386-66 IBM PC. A photographic remnant of this epiccally ancient manifestation of intelligence is rendered here below...

Meet Your Gods
  • David
  • Kyle